Upcoming RP Workshops & Classes
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Private Sessions
with Candace

Realization Process Community Practice

Sundays 10amPT & Mondays 4pmPT

RP Primary Practice Immersion 

For Experienced & Novice Practitioners 

An Online 1/2-Day Workshop in 3 Segments

A Gentle Whole-Being Journey.

Everyone Welcome. 

Foundational Principles & Practices of Realization Process

Saturday, September 4, 2021

          8:00am-1:00pmPT   ($100)


Explore the interplay of gravity and it's natural buoyancy to discover this important contributeion to your experience of embodied nonduality. We'll use a variety of Realization Process exercises to help you let go of the most subtle grip on interior experience. You will gradually uncover & then reliably experience the Subtle Upward Rising Current introduced in the RP exercise Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness. Deepen with this opportunity to discover the intimate meeting of Fundamental Consicousness and the life-energy of Gravity.

This workshop is online and primarily experiential, with time for questions. 

Suggested for those with some experience of Realization Process exercises. 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Realization Process
Empathetic Attunement - "The Intimate Life"
New! 5-week series begins
Saturday, October 9, 2021
& includes a private session with each registration.
Autonomy, Mutuality, & Unity through Embodied Nonduality

Couples, Friends, Family & Partners - Everyone in Relationship is Welcome.

2 people 1 registration: together in 1 room or together in Zoom rooms.

Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave
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Questions About

Realization Process? 

Ask Candace


Dance Thru Life
Wholly Embodied
6-part RP Series

January/February 2022 
New content includes movement to music
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Realization Process Gone Wild Embodied Nondual Experience in Nature

Exploring the Language & Gifts of Wild Plants

Unified in Ground of Being, Fundamental Consciousness

Exploring Realization Process 

in the Wildness of Nature while we 

(Wildcraft) Identify, Harvest, & make Herbal Medicines,

plus talk Embodied Plant Lore & Nondual 

Fundamental Consciousness Philosophy.

Learn to listen to what wild plants have to share

While attuned to Fundamental Consciousness.

Everyone welcome.

More information soon! 

June 10-13, 2022   (Friday- Monday)
4-days in the woods of So. Oregon includes some meals. Non-residential, although perhaps on-site tent camping available.

More Information Soon!
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An experiential RP adventure. Learn to see/feel/listen deeper than your surface & to experience another from your core yet not lose your own wholeness of being. Uncover the depths of independence even as you feel more connected with another person.

All genders & relationship types (business, romantic, friends, family) welcome. Recommended that at least one partner is familiar with Realization Process exercises. Participants receive audio recording.

Settling Within the Ground of Being

   Exploring RP Foundational Grounding 

 Offered for the 3rd time in 2021,

perhaps as a series instead of a workshop.

For RP Students with some guided experience.

Cravings & Consumption

Meeting Habits, Compulsions & Conflicts

with Realization Process

I've presented this theme as a series 3 times, each time facilitated with colleague Sono Hashisaki. I anticipate exploring this topic again, with or without a co-host, but it will not be during 2021. 

Unwind & disentangle habit patterns
Allow authentic choice to arise out of fundamental consciousness

A practical application of RP to everyday life. A meaningful opportunity for Realization Process students to discover, explore, & disentangle
habit patterns that create conflict between behavior and intention while nurturing embodied support for what is and what could be. 
For RP students with some personal or group guided experience.
More Information Soon!