Why Nonduality?

Nondual experience is an awakening of our fundamental nature. Our fundamental nature is the most subtle state of being. It can be recognized in  


Our fundamental nature is the spark of our own aliveness. It's a thought or a feeling or a location inside our bodies. Our fundamental nature an internal experience that can be identified subtly and simply as “this is me, not you, alive here." Some people feel this more strongly than others, but all humans can experience this subtle aspect of themselves. 

This is our birthright as members of the human species, yet it has become mysterious and inaccessible to only a few "masters" for generations.


Our ongoing awareness of the essential unity of pervasive connection, noticed even as our experiences move through the still unchanging fundamental nature of the present moment, has been lost. But now it is being found again in the blossoming of a growing awareness of nondual consciousness. 


Our fundamental nature remains unchanged from the moment of birth to the moment of death. 

Our fundamental nature never changes from birth to death. It is unaffected by any of the events in our life. Our fundamental nature is our most authentic self, free of emotional struggles, physical pain, and mental indoctrination. 

It feels good to live authentically. Nonduality opens us to our authentic truth in the present moment. We act based on what feels most meaningful or satisfying or appropriate right now, rather than make choices based on habitual or anxiety-based patterns of response. 


Awakening our fundamental nature provides us with the means to realize that very subtle, non-conceptual, unbounded consciousness. This realization is nondual awareness.


By the way, our fundamental nature isn’t really such a small spark. Our human species seems to have forgotten how to awaken our awareness and the experience of our own aliveness in our bodies. Expanding our perception of our fundamental nature so that we experience it as the wholeness of our being is an essential practice in Realization Process.