Why Embodied Nonduality? 

The fixations that obscure nonduality are not only conceptual, so using only the mind at attention will limit awareness of emotions and sensations to only what the mind perceives. Plus, nondual awareness knows wholeness of being as not only the phenomena in the present moment, but also the still, unchanging spaciousness the phenomena pervade. 

We cannot use just our minds or hearts or “letting go” to open completely to our fundamental nature. As humans, we have long-held constrictions in our body (based on subtle psychological/emotional choices we made to deal with our environment as children). The “holding patterns” limit our perception, cognition, emotional responsiveness, and physical sensations. It’s not enough for us to simply let go of our grip on ourselves for nondual reality to appear. That grip for the most part is unconscious and deeply entrenched in our bodies. 

Realization Process is a Direct Path to embodied nondual awakening and also a Practice Path to stable (continuous, on-going, self-arising) experience of wholeness of being as embodied nonduality. The meditations embody your experience of your fundamental nature and guide you in self-awakening practices to unwind, unbind, and disentangle the holding patterns that obscure pervasive, fully embodied, nondual awareness.