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A 5-meeting RP Series -
Offered Again
Spring 2021

Dance Through Life Wholly Embodied

 A Useful Exploration of the RP Embodied Movement Exercises


Being stable in our experience of Fundamental Consciousness means that no matter what we are doing in daily life FC is always a part of our aware experience. We cannot become stable in full realization if we only practice attunement while sitting in meditation. Moving consciously with eyes open, as we engage with the world attuned to FC, is a practice that requires cultivation and familiarity. These exercises, specifically developed by Judith Blackstone to awaken dancers to embodied nondual experience, are designed to cultivate your engagement with the world while attuned to Fundamental Consciousness - Important support for your journey to stable realization.


This 5-part series will:

  • Guide you to move your body fluidly with effortless internal awareness

  • Help you cultivate the subtle circuitry points for balance and depth of experience

  • Support you to express yourself authentically from the core of your being

  • Refine the movement of breath throughout your body

  • Enhance your textural awareness of the qualities of fundamental consciousness

  • Deepen your connection with self and pervasive space throughout your daily life


This class is recommended for RP students with guided practice experience of Realization Process.

Candace is a Realization Process Senior Teacher & Teacher Trainer, with additional certification in Stillness Moving & Trauma Repair.

Registration Available when Dates Set

Video Recording shared with all participants.