REALIZATION PROCESS brings you Home to your Human Birthright:

Embodied Experience of Union  : You and/as the Divine.


Inhabit the experience of your own unchanging spark of aliveness, your Ground of Being.

Allow the Ground of your Being to Awaken. Feel how this awakened experience fills the interior space of your whole body at once.  This embodiment of your own aliveness feels  spacious and deliciously full, a safe place to rest your interior life.

Attunement to this interior spaciousness reveals an Essential Truth:

This most subtle aspect of your Being, the spaciousness you experience pervading your individual body/mind/heart, is undifferentiated from a much vaster, unchanging infinite spaciousness. You Realize Wholeness of Being as Union of You and the Divine. 

Deepen, Stabilize and Expand your Spiritual Realization...

Awaken the subtle core of your body (central channel/sushumna) to directly access  this vast fundamental consciousness. Any point along the core catalyst of union gives you access to your Wholeness of Being.

Discover and unwind old habit patterns of response, and disentangle from anything that keeps you from fully actualized realization. 

REALIZATION PROCESS teaches you how to access all of this spiritual healing experience. RP guides meditations that provide opportunity for direct awakening of your Wholeness of Being, and with your diligent practice, allow you to return to your Human Birthright: To inhabit all of your life in the Embodied Experience of  Union  : You and/as the Divine.