Inhabiting Your Body


Come home to your human birthright: 

The subtle experience of your own unchanging spark of aliveness.


Allow this quality of your being to fully awaken so the experience fills the interior space of your whole body at once.


Reveal an essential truth. The most subtle aspect of your being, of your individual body/mind/heart, is undifferentiated from the infinite, open, unhindered, unchanging, still, spaciousness that is everywhere. 

You are Fully Human:

The most subtle experience of your own wholeness is both the movement of all form and the vast stillness that remains undisturbed and unchanging. 

Embodied Nonduality


Do you know how to experience life from inside (inhabit) your whole body?

Most people experience life on the surface of  their body. Their interior environment is engulfed in emotions, influenced by thoughts, or distracted by task or entertainment.  This engulfment leaves the interior of the body with no space for direct experience of life.

Inhabiting your whole body provides opportunity to respond to life in the present moment. 

Inhabiting supports Wholeness of Being, the essential Union of You and the Divine. 

Inhabiting awakens the subtle core of your body (central channel/ shushumna), giving you direct access to spiritual awakening.

Inhabiting helps you engage your balanced mind as an avenue to unity consciousness.

Inhabiting inspires you to disentangle and unwind any habitual patterns of behavior that prevent you from living as your most authentic self.


Inhabiting allows you to experience the most subtle aspect of your own aliveness  as undifferentiated  from the vast, unchanging infinite spaciousness that pervades everything, yet remains unaffected: Union between You and the Divine. 

REALIZATION PROCESS teaches you how to fully inhabit your whole body and embody your spiritual experience. RP guides meditations that provide opportunity for direct awakening of your Wholeness of Being, and with your diligent practice, allow you to inhabit all of your life in the Embodied Experience of  Union between You and the Divine.