Realization Process Retreat:
Exploring the Relational Field
with Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave
Living within the Subtle Core
May 22, 2021 9-11:45amPT/12-2:45pmET

Enjoy a meaningful half-day retreat with someone you care about. 


Friend, Family, Romantic or Work partner...

Exploring Realization Process Relational Practices,

  • Disentangle relational impasse,

  • Relate more authentically via core-to-core attunement,

  • Recognize that every aspect of your being (emotional, mental, physical) is capable of meaningful contact,

  • Uncover mutual attunement within the unified space of fundamental consciousness. 

  • Experientially discover how the unified relational field of fundamental consciousness helps you release barriers to individual & communal unity.

  • Uncover the greatest depths of your independence even as you feel more profoundly connected with another person.

  • Learn to see/feel/listen deeper than the surface, experience another from your core, yet not lose your own wholeness of being.


Recommended 2 people to be together in the same room during class (2 experienced RP students may participate together online) & at least one partner is familiar with Realization Process. All genders & relationship types (business, romantic, friends, family) welcome. 

Cost: $100 for 2 people.

Zeb and Candance with hand on his chest.