Embody & Explore
RP with a Companion
Saturday, October 16, 2021
9am-12pmPT / 12-3pmET / -7UTC

Receiving Another
with Equanimity 

Realization Process with Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster
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Receive Life with Equanimity
without Grasping, Merging, or Disappearing

Attunement to Fundamental Conscious provides a felt sense of one's internal experience & simultaneous oneness with another.

Equanimity Arises

Contact increases in depth & subtly as you become present & whole in the qualitative aspects of Fundamental Consciousness: Awareness; Emotion; Physical Sensation.


Equanimity Strengthens

Living & Breathing in the Subtle Core of the body gives you a steady center from which to meet another.


Equanimity Supported

As your senses become more unified, you can disentangle your experience in the moment from your interrupted patterns of intimacy from childhood.


Equanimity Stabilizes

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What to Expect in this
RP Relationship Retreat

In this leisurely ½ day retreat, you & your companion will


  • Practice inhabiting your whole body

  • Practice attuning to the unified relational field of fundamental consciousness.

  • Experience & explore receiving each other at different perceptual & sensory levels 

  • Explore breath as an aid to more wholly & openly receive an other’s being

  • Learn to receive energy in a way it can pass through you without impact

  • Uncover essential qualities of your being & explore attunement with your partner.

  • Experience together the pleasure of meaningful discovery.


About Candace & Zeb

Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster PhD have been partnering since 2009. Both are RP Senior Teachers, & have extensively explored the RP relational work to manage & ground their own multi-dimensional relationship.


Zeb adds decades of couples somatic counseling to compliment Candace's subtle insight in nondual nuance.


This is their 3rd offering of the RP relational work. Each offering is unique. 

On Receiving...

from The Intimate Life

"Proximity to another person, even someone we love and want to be close to, often evokes unconscious defenses. These take the form of either closing ourselves off to the other person or vacating our own body so that we are not really there. But if you inhabit your body, you can receive the other person without feeling overwhelmed or in any way threatened by them. Your own presence within your body cannot be harmed; it is made of the unbreakable dimension of fundamental consciousness."

-Judith Blackstone