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Realization Process:
Awakening Lightness of Being

In-Person in New York City, NY
Saturday, September 24, 2022   11:00 am - 5:30pmPT
with Candace Cave
Realization Process Senior Teacher

What to Expect
Realization Process: Awakening Lightness of Being

  • A special one-day offering. A warm & inclusive environment. 
  • A meaningful small group (10-25 people) experience of Realization Process practices and principles.
  • An exploration of balanced relationship with your body, the earth, and the world in which you live, through which you move. 
  • Skillful guidance in awakening & embodying the most subtle dimensions of nonduality, including attunement to fundamental consciousness and the subtle vertical core of your body. 
  • A mostly experiential journey, with guided practice, explanation & discussion, Q & A  plus demonstration.  
  • Designed to help you digest and deepen into who and how you are in your body and in the world today.
  • No previous Realization Process experience necessary.
        Some meaningful experience of meditation and/or somatic practices recommended.
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Participation Details
Realization Process: Awakening Lightness of Being

  • This workshop is appropriate for anyone, novice to expert, who is interested in experiencing deep connection with themselves within their body.

  • Please expect to explore exercises from all aspects of Realization Process: embodiment; meditation; healing ground; stillness moving; empathic ground. We will practice sitting, standing & moving. Standing is optional

  • The workshop location: Still Mind Zendo, in Chelsea: 37 West 17th St, 6th Floor, NYC.  

  • The facility requires us to ensure that all attendees have proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Masks are optional unless mandated by health ordinance.

  • The workshop is 6+ hours including 2 15-minute breaks & a 60-minute break @ 1:30pm.

  •  Participation is limited to 25 interested people. 

  • Sliding scale tuition:  suggested $150-$300. 

Hello! I'm Candace Cave

RP Senior Teacher/Teacher Trainer

I guide people to embody wholeness of being using the portals  for transformation offered by Realization Process.

Realization Process is a seemingly simple yet powerfully transformative method. Developed by Judith Blackstone over decades of exploration, and practiced by thousands of people around the world, RP awakens us to an inherent dimension of of ourselves, Fundamental Consciousness, that has always been there, but seems to have mostly disappeared from modern humans' cognitive experience.


Uncover fundamental consciousness & principles & practices of RP act as portals to settle you ever deeper into a steady, reliable, subtle, still & spacious interior experience of your wholeness of being, including in the subtle core of the body. You release your grasp on experience (thoughts, emotions, sensations) and live in/as pervasive stillness, life passing through unimpeded, with nothing left out (except grasping).


I teach based upon my 12+ years of RP study & practice & teaching, my own experience, & that of my students. I consider myself an ideologue about RP principles. I might refer to other techniques, but only in reference to RP.


The journey to wholeness of being is profoundly transformative. My interest is to support others as they unfold their own transformative journey. 

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Realization Process
Awakening Lightness of Being

In-Person in New York City, NY
Saturday, September 24, 2022   
11:00 am - 5:30pmET

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RP in NYC: Awakening Lightness of Being
Sep 24, 11:00 AM EDT
Still Mind Zendo