Realization Process
Essentials Retreat

Saturday, December 18, 2021 
8am-2:30pmPT Pacific Time (-8UTC)
For Beginner & Experienced RP Practitioners
RP Essentials Retreat if You Have..
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What to Expect
RP Essentials Retreat

  • An environment intended to nurture your exploration & understanding of embodied nonduality via Realization Process.
  • Interesting presentation of basic principles of RP, including fundamental consciousness, inhabiting the body, living in the subtle core of the body, qualities of being, balance, foundations, circuitry, moving with grace & ease, presence & emptiness, disentangling.
  • Guided practice of RP exercises that establish the method & illustrate the principles (9-15 exercises).
  • Open discussion & questions congruent with guided exercises.
  • Small group meeting (3-9 participants) supports individual attention. Questions & observations frin practitioners at all levels are encouraged as they serve to illustrate & clarify varieties of experience.
  • 6.5 hours in 4 parts with two 15-minute respites & 45-minutes for lunch.
  • Audio Recording available to all participants. 

Hello! I'm Candace Cave

RP Senior Teacher/Teacher Trainer

I guide people to embody wholeness of being using the portals  for transformation offered by Realization Process.

Realization Process is a seemingly simple yet powerfully transformative method. Once you uncover fundamental consciousness, the principles & practices of RP act as portals that settle you ever deeper into your own interior experience & the subtle core of the body. 


I've found the most fruitful way for new students to learn RP is in a small group format. Once you experience the basics, you can seek more specific experience in your private practice, in individual sessions, & other group experiences. 


I teach based upon my years of study & RP practice, my own experience, & that of my students. I consider myself an ideologue concerning RP principles. I might refer to other techniques, but only in reference to RP.


For me, the journey to wholeness of being continues to be profoundly transformative. My interest is to support others as they unfold their own transformative journey. I'd be delighted for you to travel the pathway to awakening along with me.

RP Essentials Retreat

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RP Essentials
Dec 18, 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM PST
RP Workshop Online Via Zoom

RP Essentials Retreat 

"Thank you for such a beautifully designed & presented workshop... I felt the logical sequence allowed for a really large amount of instructional & experiential information to be processed in a single meeting...Your answers to my own practice questions were extremely helpful & it was great to learn from your answers to the questions of the other participants.

-Paul D, New York, USA.  RP Practitioner since 2021


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