A Direct Path

to Embodied Nondual Awakening

"In the Realization Process, the radical openness of nondual realization is based on deep contact with the internal space of one's body. In this way, we discover an authentic, quality-rich experience of our individual being at the same time as we transcend our individuality. We realize ourselves as fundamental, unified consciousness, pervading our own form and our environment as a whole."  

Judith Blackstone

About Realization Process

Realization Process is a series of gentle, precise meditative, attunement exercises to help people realize their authentic self and their oneness with other people, nature, and the cosmos. 

     Realization Process is a body-centered approach to personal, spiritual, emotional healing and maturity. It is a practice of meditation, movement, and relational exercises. It integrates the process of spiritual realization with psychological and relational healing and the experience of embodiment. 

     The method offered in Realization Process is a Direct Path to Embodied Nondual Awakening. It aims to evoke an immediate experience of our most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness (fundamental consciousness). This is the primary level of our being and the basis of our spiritual oneness with all other life.

About Judith Blackstone

Judith Blackstone developed the Realization Process, a direct path for realizing fundamental (nondual) consciousness. She is an innovative, experienced teacher in the contemporary fields of nonduality and spiritual, relational and somatic psychotherapy. Judith currently has five books in publication, including "Belonging Here: A Guide for the Spiritually Sensitive Person." and has taught Realization Process for over thrity-five years throughout the United States and Europe.