RP Online Community Practice

For Dedicated Realization Process Practitioners
Sundays 10:00 am PT  &  Mondays 4:00 pm PT
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Ongoing, Reliable, Supportive Online Guided Practice & Discussion
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RP Online Community Practice is Offered in the Spirit of Sangha.

We come together weekly to support our personal RP practice, to deepen our attunement to FC from within the rich field of a community of committed practitioners.

Candace has facilitated RP Online Community Practice  weekly since August 2016.
We welcome Guest Hosts wanting to explore  their own group teaching ability.

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Every Sunday 10:00 am Pacific Time (-8UTC)
& Monday 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Meeting Duration is 75-90 minutes.

Password Required.

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RP Community Practice

 "I truly appreciate your dedication to directing us to a greater understanding and the experience of RP."

-Susan B., Arizona, USA. RP practitioner since 2020