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Judith Blackstone Book Discussion Group

We meet to study, together, Judith Blackstone's writings.

We intend that our meetings support everyone in the Realization Process teachers community to better understand the origins, practices & principles of Realization Process.

Summer group begins June 12

10:30am Pacific Time (-8UTC)

Small Group 7-14 people

10 meetings $200

Discover Essential Stories, Philosophical Study, & Experiential Connections that Illuminate Embodied Nonduality via the Realization Process. 

Judith Blackstone has been actively awakening to ever deeper embodied nondual realization for more than 4 decades. Her life experiences, study, & written reflections provide insight & illumination to support & deepen your own practice of embodied nondual realization. 

This weekly Monday Realization Process meeting is intended to support the RP community's collective understanding of the work of Judith Blackstone, founder Realization Process.


Facilitated by RP Senior Teacher Candace Cave, we'll begin with guided Realization Process practice relevant to the week's reading. The intention is to settle us together in fundamental consciousness' unified relational field & our own ground of being.


In community, we'll discuss ideas and descriptions that feel important and relevant to our own embodied realization and to our teaching of RP.


Meetings will end with a simple guided meditation.


Pages to be discussed are posted (see dates & pages below), and perhaps a few points to note in the reading.


Please read pages before the meeting so you can bring your curiosity, reflections, & personal experience for the benefit of all.

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Participation Requirements

* You have minimum 1 RP teacher training (or equivilant practice & study)
* Please commit to attend a minimum 7 of the 10 classes camera on
* Please attend class having read & considered the assigned pages 
* Please be present in your listening to others
* Please be patient in your responses to ideas
* Please be honest in your kindness & curious in your attitude.

What are We Reading? 

The Enlightenment Process (Part 1*)
June 12:  Pages ix-xx. Preface. Introduction
June 19:
June 26:
Please Note: NO MEETING JULY 3.
July 9:

(*This book is very rich. 10 weeks will only see us through half the book.)
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Hello! I'm Candace Cave

RP Senior Teacher/Teacher Trainer

I am intricately fascinated in all ideas and experiences related to Realization Process. I have read Judith Blackstone's books & other writings over and over, always finding new insight and deeper understanding:. Understanding of my own relationship with fundamental consciousness, understanding of my relationship with all the movment of life, understanding of how Judith's amazing method, Realization Process, actually works. 

Please join me as I embark on another adventure through this amazing teacher's writings. It will be my pleasure to navigate this voyage with you as companion.

I trust that your insights, and those of other RP students, will enrich understanding, experience, & attunement to FC for all of us. 

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Learn from Candace Cave


Upcoming Workshops and Classes

with Candace Cave

Private Sessions

If you would like one on one assistance, Candace can guide you in a private session.


Candace Cave

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher.   She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

-Judith Blackstone
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