RP Foundational Grounding

In Depth with the Ground of Being

Foundational Grounding, as guided in Realization Process, provides a tangible and direct experience of the Ground of Being, Fundamental Consciousness. Foundations offer numerous ways to enhance and discern our internal experience, as well as assist more refined attunement to embodied nonduality when explored within the context of RP’s primary exercises. Foundational Grounds deliver reliable support, a place to settle our internal gripping and rest more deeply in the pervasive space. This workshop will enhance experienced RP practitioners’ personal practice and inform RP teachers’ client guidance. All registered participants receive a video recording of the entire workshop, even if only able to attend one day in person.

Foundational Grounding opens us to unified wholeness, the ground of being, pervading our environment and our bodies at the same time. Although the foundations are unified, one wholeness, each foundation can be experienced in a specific location pervading our body, affording a clear sense of direction up/down, etc. We can experience each foundation as undifferentiated from our own ground of being and the unified Ground of Fundamental Consciousness.

Foundational Grounding provides direct, horizontal access to the pervasive space of Fundamental Consciousness.

During this 6 hour, 2 day workshop, you will:

  • Settle and support your interior experience with more discernment

  • Define the boundaries of your body from the inside

  • Discover clear places to rest & support your physical, emotional and mental life

  • Let go of your internal gripping to make room to receive the upward rising current through our core

  • Uncover meaningful support to spread and settle as you balance our awareness unbreakable stillness

  • Provide unwavering support for your attunement to the qualities

  • Learn to apply Foundational Grounding to the primary RP exercises to enhance your attunement to FC

Join us for an in-depth exploration and application of the Realization Process practices of Foundational Grounding. Workshop Format: 2 80-minute sessions each day with 20-minute break between each session. The entire workshop will be video recorded, particularly useful for those only able to attend one day.

For questions: embodiednonduality@gmail.com

Foundational Grounding guides our experience for settling within the ground of being, fundamental consciousness.  The Realization Process Foundational Grounding exercises were newly introduced to Realization Process during the Meditation Tele-training 2017-2018 and in the book "Trauma and the Unbound Body". The foundations align with the "functional diaphragms" described in Cranial Sacral Therapy. (Judith didn't know this when she introduced the practices). This new work is proving to be extraordinarily useful to all levels of RP practitioners. 

Recommended for RP Teachers & RP Students with Guided Practice Experience

May 23 - 24, 2020

A Weekend Workshop Online

Saturday, 8:30am-11:30amPT +

Sunday, 12:30pm-3:30pmPT