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Embodying Stillness:

RP Practices to Help Stabilize Your
Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness 

 5 Tuesdays in January 2023
4:00 - 5:15pmET

Realization Process Online with Candace Cave
On-screen demonstration by Beth Franzese
Video recording links shared with all registrants.
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About Embodying Stillness

It's all well and good to sit in your chair and meditate, to unwind constrictions and release holding patterns. But if you don't open to finding Fundamental Consciousness while walking around in the world, it's unlikely you will become stable in your embodied experience of that spacious stillness, that unchanging ground of your being, fundamental consciousness. 

RP instructions are designed as portals. The more subtle we become inhabiting those portals, the more open we become to ongoing, unchanging experience of fundamental consciousness. 

This class series is my 2nd RP series exploring the RP Stillness Moving work of Judith Blackstone. This class series is intended as a semi-regular offering of exploration, probably 3-4 times a year. I love guiding RP "adventures" and this plan offers me a meaningful opportunity for depth, both for my own study and for RP students.


My focus here is to combine Stillness Moving with the whole RP canon, to give you easily practiced interior explorations for interior balance and stability. These class series are designed to support you towards increasingly subtle depths of felt experience, enabling you to practice embodying stillness, living & moving as fundamental consciousness, anytime & anywhere. 


What to Expect
Embodying Stillness

  • 5-class series: 60-minute class + 15 minutes Q & A

  • Mostly experiential guided exercises

  • Nuanced exploration inhabiting your body & core

  • Practical support for your desire to move through the world with ease, embodied in fluidity & grace

  • Drawing upon RP Embodiment & Stillness Moving, Healing Ground & Meditation 

  • Demonstrations on-screen by Beth Franzese

  • Downloadable video recordings for all participants

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About Candace Cave

At sea on a small sailboat, I experienced & stabilized in embodied nonduality: everything in my environment was moving but the core of my body was the unwavering center that pervaded ocean & sky & breath. Whenever I was on land, this awakening was unavailable. Until Realization Process guided me to live at the center of all experience, to become, as when 1000s of miles from land, Stillness Moving. Come join me, & discover how to move Embodying Stillness with fluidity, grace & ease.

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Embodying Stillness
5 Tuesdays, January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
1:00pmPT/4pmET (-8UTC) 


**Some Partial Scholarships Available

Questions? Contact Candace:

Embodying Stillness Registraion


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Upcoming Workshops and Classes

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Private Sessions

If you would like one on one assistance, Candace can guide you in a private session.


Candace Cave

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher.   She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

-Judith Blackstone
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