RP Primary Practice Immersion

An Online 1/2-Day Workshop in 3 Segments ($100) &

An Online Workshop Series co-hosted with Theresa Scott ($120)

Regular Community Practice Participants Invited to Register 

20% OFF

This deep dive into Realization Process primary exercises is a gentle, whole being journey. The meditative work will engage, deepen, and help disentangle your nondual experience of fundamental consciousness. We will explore 9-12 of the foundational principles & practices of Realization Process.


Drawing from all aspects of RP, this spaciously focused workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in Realization Process. Experienced practitioners can use the extended voyage to deepen their inner ground of being and/or to review the fundamentals & transformative details of the work. Those new to Realization Process (only a book or tele-seminar with Judith) will experience a meaningful initiation into embodied nonduality via RP.  


In the Immersions, we meet in a 5-hour block online on Zoom, in three (3) 80-minute segments, with 30-minutes between the segments. Each of the 3 segments will be recorded & shared with participants.  The online meeting room stays open, but unrecorded, between segments, & people may communicate with each other, or privately rest in their home environment. The workshop is intended for 3-10 participants, allowing ample time for questions & discussion.

By request, in January 2020 we will also be offering this workshop as a 4 part workshop series on Wednesdays, co-hosted with RP Senior Teacher Theresa Scott. 


Realization Process helps you discover & refine how to inhabit your body, awaken your subtle core, settle into your ground of being, & experience your wholeness. For more information please contact

Candace Cave candace@embodied-nonduality.com

December 7, 2019

12:00pm-5:00pm Pacific Time

$100 - 20%

Wednesdays, January 8-29 2020 

4:30pm-6:00pm Pacific Time

$120 - 20%