Private RP Sessions with Candace Cave 

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher.   She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

                                       Judith Blackstone,

                    Realization Process Founder

About Candace Cave
I am a Realization Process Senior Teacher & Teacher Trainer. I have full certification in all aspects of RP, including additional certification in RP Trauma Repair & Stillness Moving. I am Primary Assistant Teacher/Trainer for all of the

Realization Process online teacher trainings. I began practicing Realization Process in 2011 and have been teaching RP to individuals and groups since 2014. 


I look forward with pleasure to meeting you in the clear space of Fundamental Consciousness... 

Please contact me before payment. 

An environment that supports your journey of Embodied Nondual/Spiritual Awakening.

A friendly, practical, warm human being with deep listening skills, tremendous experience (1000s of private sessions guided), & enormous compassion.


Encouragement to deepen & stabilize ongoing Experience of Fundamental Consciousness exploring all aspects of your Wholeness. 

An unique variety of RP practices drawn from years of teaching all aspects of the Realization Process: Subtle Self Work, Nondual Meditation, & Embodied Experience, Trauma Repair Healing, plus Stillness Moving & Relational Exploration.

Articulate description of kinesthetic experience to help you more cogently inhabit your body.


Bare perception supports precise attunement. See/feel is clear through cyberspace. I can assist your discernment & precise attunements during our meeting online on Zoom or onsite in Ashland, OR.


Occasional philosophical discussion. 

Ample time for questions and sharing. 

All online sessions are recorded and shared with the participant(s). 

What to Expect

In a Private Session with Candace

Explore RP Primary Practices

in an Environment of

Intimately Guided Discovery, 

Available as a 3 or 4 meeting

Private Series for 1 or 2 people.

90-minute weekly sessions.

3 weeks = $375; 4 weeks = $500.

Learn more please contact Candace

Realization Process & Shaping Shakti 
Private Sessions with
Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster PhD.

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Candace Cave  

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