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About Stillness Moving

From Judith Blackstone, Founder Realization Process:

          Stillness Moving is the movement aspect of the Realization Process.  The Stillness Moving practices develop the ability to move as the embodiment of fundamental consciousness.  They cultivate wholeness, balance, fluidity & expressiveness.

          The movement practices are based on inhabiting the body, attuning to the qualities of fundamental consciousness within the body, & attuning to the core points within the body. 

          When we embody fundamental consciousness, even the movement of one small part of our body engages all of our body.  We experience our whole being at once, as we move.

          When we attune to the essential qualities of fundamental consciousness, we move not just with the physical sensation aspect of ourselves, but as a blend of physical sensation, emotion & awareness.  All of our movement involves the full breadth of our whole being.

          When we attune to & move as the core points within our body, we move from the innermost core of our being.  This endows our movement with the luminosity of fundamental consciousness & the vitality of our most subtle energies. 

          As the embodiment of fundamental consciousness, we are both empty & present at the same time.  We can fill our body with any emotion or quality & express that with our whole being.


What to Expect
UR Stillness Moving

  • 4-Parts: Woleness Balance Fluidity Expressiveness.

  • 4-Classes each part.

  • Each class 105-120 minutes

  • Register for 1-Part or all 4-Parts

  • Each class will explore unique & familiar expressions of Realization Process 

  • Each class includes 

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The Realization Process

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About Candace Cave

At sea on a small sailboat, I experienced & stabilized in embodied nonduality: everything in my environment was moving but the core of my body was the unwavering center that pervaded ocean & sky & breath. Whenever I was on land, this awakening was unavailable...Until Realization Process guided me to live at the center of all experience, to become, as when 1000s of miles from land, Stillness Moving.Come join me, & discover how to move with grace & ease.

Talk about always dancing.

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Candace Cave

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher.   She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

-Judith Blackstone