Embody & Explore

Gravity, Balance & Subtle Currents

Saurday, November 6, 2021
8:00am-2:30pmPT / 11am-5:30pmET / (-7UTC) 
Realization Process with Candace Cave

Gravity, Balance, & Subtle Current


Rooted in Gravity:
Settle, Balance, & Receive

Use Realization Process to Embody Internal Experience of the spacious stillness of Fundamental Consciousness.

Embodied Foundation Rooted in Earth's Gravity.
  • Uncover gravity's support for wholeness of being 
  • Discover gravity's gift of lightness & buoyancy
  • Explore balance as foundation for stabile attunement 
  • Meet gravity without grasping
  • Find more depth & room in your core 
  • Open, settle & experience subtlest energies
  • Disentangle on all levels of being
  • Refine discernment of embodied experience
  • Find Safety in Gravity's Reliability.
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What to Expect from
Gravity, Balance, & Subtle Currents

  • Explore the interplay of gravity & it's natural buoyancy to uncover this important contribution to your experience of embodied nonduality. 

  • Learn the initiatory contributions made to Realization Process by Judith Blackstone's experience of Gravity's subtle currents.

  • Discover how RP guides you into a supportive relationship with gravity via foundational grounding & balanced circuitry.

  • Be guided to gradually uncover & reliably experience the Subtle Upward Rising Current introduced in the RP exercise Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness.

  • Use a variety of Realization Process exercises to help you let go of increasingly subtle gripping on interior experience.

  • Deepen your RP practice with this opportunity to discover the intimate meeting of Fundamental Consciousness & Gravity in your body.

Why Explore RP Gravity, Balance, & Upward Currents with Candace Cave?

Sailing on the ocean, everything moves in all directions at once.


In the mist of constant change, it is possible to find your own inner stillness is the center of all experience


RP can guide you to a deeply embodied experience of the steady, stabile, reliable, force of Gravity. 

Gravity is at the center of all movement in the universe.

This workshop is a continuation & deepening of practices explored in previous RP workshops on The Upward Current & Foundational Grounding. 

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