Why Candace for RP?

Fueled by enormous curiosity and drive, I've spent all my adult years adventuring, studying, experimenting with & teaching body/mind/esoteric philosophies. 

This realm of  whole being unity with fundamental consciousness is all that interests me now. RP is a practice that daily deepens my ability to live in wholeness of being.

Candace Cave
Fully Certified Realization Process Teacher

The way I perceive the world is Kinesthetic.

I have always know life through sensations rather than feelings or thoughts. A philosopher, my interest has consistently led me to find words that describe the inherent knowing that arises in my body. And to increasingly inhabit my body to better know my experience. Realization Process has brought me to Fundamental Consciousness, and I am made Whole. 

An entrepreneur, I've twice sucessfully developed & taught embodiment practices as my own melding of ancient & modern body/mind traditions: 

1986-1998 Energy Tune-ups

2009-2014 BodyMind Boundaries 

with Zeb Lancaster

2014 I began teaching Realization Process only. 

Since then I have guided 100s of private sessions & regularly host on-going groups.

2016 my experience of FC stabilized.

Guiding others to settle in FC is my primary interest.

"Candace is an exceptional Realization Process teacher.   She brings years  of dedicated training and experience in the Realization Process, as well as her own gifts of sensitivity, perception and compassion to her work.  I am delighted that she is teaching, and I highly recommend her."

                   Judith Blackstone,

                  Realization Process Founder

You will find me warm, compassionate, skilled, interested, deep, often fun, & usually insightful.


Our work together will be based entirely on Realization Process principles & practices, including meditation, movement, breathing, awareness, and subtle experience exercises.

I will support & guide you to embody your ground of being and awaken your wholeness.

We will explore disentanglement without exclusion, unwind conundrums, & unbind attachments. 

I will help you uncover the most subtle dimension of your being, support you to discover what is revealed as you attune more deeply into Fundamental Consciousness, & teach you settle more fully into your wholeness.

I look forward with pleasure to our meeting with in the unchanging, clear, spaciousness of Fundamental Consciousness.