More About Nonduality

People who want to understand or know nonduality often seek to satisfy a desire for unity and connection with all-that-is.

Understanding nonduality takes many forms:

      nonduality is known via awakened consciousness, mathematical equation, spiritual guidance, and embodied experience. 

You may have felt your own consciousness awakening via a meaningful experience in nature (like a beautiful sunset), during a quiet time in prayer or contemplation, in deep communion with a loved one, when freely moving your body dancing or engaged in athletic activity. These are some embodied experiences of nonduality. 

Scientists create equations and theories to demonstrate that everything originated from a “one” that exploded (the Big Bang). They postulate that everything is ultimately made of the same stardust, an all one or nondual universe. Albert Einstein led the way.

Ancient Western Philosophers originated the idea of “Monism,” everything is derived from “The One,” and Socrates discoursed on this idea as a life perspective. 

Monotheist religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) unite everything under the guardianship of “The One and Only God.” Contemporary theologian Friar Richard Rohr discusses this nondual perspective extensively.

Eastern Philosophers are spiritual teachers, and offer up many pathways to nonduality, calling those pathways such names as Zen, Adviata Vedanta, Yoga, the "one taste" path.