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Embody & Explore
Realization Process

Candace Cave & Zeb Lancaster PhD

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Our Story

  • 2007 We Met 2007 to explore somatic psychology & talk embodied philosophy (nondual embodiment).
  • 2009 We Incorporated as a publishing business (Boundary in a Box) to produce & promote our (still in print)) books: BodyMind Boundaries for Beginners. 
  • 2011 We Purchased a vintage house on in-town property in Ashland, Oregon. Over the next 5 years we developed an extensive medicinal & native/perennial plant garden (Chakra Garden of Ashland). We also improved existing buildings & built several small vacation cottages. 
  • 2011 We Met Judith Blackstone & began studying Realization Process.
  • 2012 We Began Guiding Couples & groups in embodied intimacy & Tantra Yoga. We began exploring Realization Process in our work separately & together. 
  • 2014 We Began Hosting Ashland, OR Visitors, & offering short healing retreats. 
  • 2014 We Studied the RP Relational Work with Judith Blackstone in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the "I & Thou" workshop. That experience is instrumental in shaping our continuing relationship.
  • Today, We Continue as Multi-Dimensional Partners. Zeb is deep into writing a book, guiding classes & privates sessions. Candace guides, teaches, studies, & writes about Realization Process, stillness moving through the woodland hills of her So. Oregon home.
We Know What it Feels Like to
Negotiate Relationship...
  • Business Partners

  • Emotional Partners

  • Hospitality Partners

  • Teaching Partners

  • Tantra Partners

  • Writing Partners

  • Healing Partners

  • Bodywork Partners

  • Meditation Partners

  • Mediation Partners

  • Practice Partners

  • Intimate Partners

  • Co-habiting Partners

  • Philosophical Partners

  • Intellectual Partners

  • Study Partners


Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave Realization Process Senior Teachers

Fully Certified to teach all aspects of RP
Extra Certificates: Trauma Repair & Stillness Moving.
Enrolled in May 2022 Empathic Ground certificate program 




About Candace

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Receiving Another in Equanimity
with Dr Zeb & Candace